3 Easiest Ways to Generate Leads from Facebook

You know Facebook is powerful. You’ve seen dozens of companies promote their services and products on it. You’ve heard stories of people making money with Facebook ads. However, you’ve only experienced frustration and failure with Facebook.

So the question is, can you make money with Facebook?

The answer is a resounding YES!

So how do I Make a Profit with Facebook Ads?

The reason you probably have failed with Facebook advertising in the past is because you have made 1 of the many common mistakes people frequently make with Facebook ads, such as “boosting posts.”

Or you picked the wrong targeting, failed to split test, picked the wrong campaign objective, didn’t use the proper budget, had a poor call to action, etc.

Don’t boost posts!

So what campaigns generate leads?

There are 3 really effective ways to generate new business opportunities with Facebook advertising.

  1. Conversion Campaigns

A conversion campaign is perfect if you want someone to fill out a form on your website.

Maybe you have an enticing offer, such as a free consultation, a downloadable lead magnet or some sort of guide, then a conversion campaign is a perfect way to attract leads.

First, you will need to connect the Facebook pixel code to your website to track all the visitors and leads, which can be done fairly easy by your web developer.

Then, you will set up the targeting and creative like you would for any other campaign, but you will make sure to send people to the landing page that contains the form or lead magnet.

This is an extremely effective way to generate new leads. Here is an example of a real estate client of ours that we produced 297 leads for by utilizing a Facebook conversion campaign.

2. Native Lead Generation Campaign

This is probably the easiest campaign to create for a Facebook beginner.

In a native lead generation campaign, you don’t even need a website! The leads are downloaded directly into Facebook.

In ads manager, you select “Lead Generation.” Then, you complete your targeting and ad creative like usual, but you also make a custom form. The form can contain any questions you like, such as the lead’s name, contact info and any short answer or multiple choice questions you prefer to ask them.

That lead fills out the form and it gets sent directly to your Facebook business page, where you can download the lead info in an Excel document or you can even connect your CRM and it will automatically load there.

Example of native lead form

3. Re-Targeting Campaign

A re-targeting campaign really unlocks the full power of Facebook.

If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website, you can actually create an audience inside Facebook of every single person that has visited your website in the past year and send an ad directly to those people.

That way, you are targeting a “warm” list of people because they are familiar with your brand and have visited your website in the past. This takes some of the guess work out of targeting on Facebook. Normally, you target based on interests and demographics.

But with re-targeting, you can simply go after people who have visited your website and know, like, and trust you!

Retargeting Campaign

In Conclusion

Here are your choices:

  • Conversion Campaign: Great if you have a contact form or some sort of lead magnet you want people to download
  • Native Lead Generation: Perfect for keeping people on Facebook have them fill out a form natively. Don’t need a website. Very easy to set up.
  • Re-Targeting: A campaign designed to target past website visitors or people who have engaged with you in the past.

So, get on Facebook ads manager, set up your Facebook pixel on your website, and start launching these campaigns and watch how fast leads come in!

If you have any questions or want to set up a free consultation, set up an appointment at calendly.com/allen-levin  

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