3 Killer Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising for Business

Do you struggle with Facebook advertising?

Have you tried multiple campaigns, but nothing seems to work?

You get no leads, no ROI?

Well, you probably aren’t optimizing your campaigns correctly.

Here are 3 killer Facebook tips you can implement right away!

Use the Correct Budget Type

Facebook suggests you use the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) to manage how your ad spend is consume.

However, that relies solely on Facebook’s technology to perfectly distribute your budget and spend the money on the ad sets that are working.

Problem is the machine learning isn’t perfect. I’d rather have full control of my ad spend. So I suggest using ad set budgets, where you using a daily or lifetime budgets to spend your dollars.

Make sure that CBO is turned off and you are manipulating your budget in the ad set area.

Properly Optimize Your Lookalike Audiences

When you create a lookalike audience on Facebook, you have the option of how many days you want to measure.

For example, if you are creating a lookalike audience of past website visitors, you can go up to 180 days in the past. Many advertisers use the past 60, 90 or 180 days of website visitors.

This will obviously net you a bigger pool of people, but they may not be as relevant anymore.

So try using shorter windows, such as 30 days, 14 days or even 7 days of your past visitors, purchasers and engagers. It will be more relevant and you will see results faster.

Off Topic Interests in Targeting

If you are a skincare company, it is natural that you would want to target skincare interests, such as face care, face wash, relevant brands, etc.

However, those aren’t the only interested-based audiences you should target.

You should also target interests that don’t have anything to do with your primary service or product.

For example, with a skin care product, we tried targeting people interested in Netflix, Spotify and Chipotle and we saw great success with those.


Because those interests fit the demographic of people we were trying to reach: Young females that are in the 24-35 range.

So, try branching out and using interests that aren’t obvious.


Try out these 3 Facebook advertising tips and see how they improve your performance.

If you have any questions, contact us today!

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