The 4 Best Marketing Tools for Business Owners

If you are a business owner, you likely don’t have time to handle your own marketing.

That is why most business owners have a team or they outsource their marketing to an agency like us!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be knowledgeable about your marketing efforts so you know if it’s working and if you are on track for generating a ROI.

If you are pressed for time but just want to check to see how your general marketing is doing, here are 4 quick and easy tools you can use.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the holy grail of metrics for your website.

It tells you how many visitors you are getting, how much time is spent on your website, what pages are most popular and a whole bunch of valuable information.

As a business owner, you likely aren’t going to have time to dive into every single detail inside analytics (and trust me, there is a lot of numbers), but you can look at several key statistics:

  • New Users: The # of new people that visited your site in any given time period
  • Traffic Acquisition: Where did those visitors come from? Social media? Google?
  • Pages: What pages were most visited?

Those 3 metrics will give you a lot of valuable data about how your website is performing and you can compare it previous months to measure progress.

2. GTMetrix

Want to see if your SEO company is doing a good job?

Check on your website’s speed and performance using GTMetrix, a free tool that will grade your site from A-F based on its performance. It will also give a list of suggestions on how to improve it.

All you have to do is go to GTMetrix, input your website URL, wait a few seconds, and it will essentially deliver a report on screen of how your website is faring under the hood.

If you have anything less than a “B,” you should know your website’s organic ranking on Google will likely be impacted. If your website’s user experience is poor because of slow load times, this can greatly impact your rankings.

If you want to know how to improve your site speed, contact us for a free consultation.

3. Social Media Analytics

Social media doesn’t really have the organic power it used to have, but it’s still an important marketing strategy.

The best way to see how your content is performing is quite simply to view Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn’s native insights.

Facebook’s insights gives you valuable information, such as reach, impressions, engagement but also the demographics of those people who are seeing and interacting with your posts.

Instagram gives you great insights into who is following you and who is engaging with you.

LinkedIn will tell you the job title and companies of who has viewed your content.

All of this is excellent information that you can use to make decisions about the direction of your social marketing. You can start to formulate content based on the demographic or industry or job title of the people that are consistently interacting with your brand.

4. Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing or GMB is really the foundation of your marketing.

It is where your reviews live, it’s a gateway to your website, it’s how you appear on the ever important map section and it has key details about your company.

GMB also offers some great insights about your web presence, including how many times you appeared on the map, how many calls or website visits you’ve had from your listing, how often your photos were clicked, and what search terms were used to find your business.

You can look at these numbers and get a great idea of how often you are appearing on Google in the local maps section and what actions people are taking when they see your company.


These 3 tools are simple, free and don’t take much time to look at.

Even if you have offloaded your marketing and don’t have much time, these are good tools that will at least give you a picture of how some of the key areas of your marketing is performing. Most digital marketing agencies send a report and a lot of it is filled with marketing terms you likely won’t understand.

But with Google Analytics, GTMetrix, Social Media Insights and Google My Business Insights, you will get a great picture of how your marketing is performing.

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