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Most marketing companies are going to be quick to sell you a tool because they don’t know how to help you build a strategy. At Smarty Pantz Marketing, the goal of our Fort Lauderdale marketing agency is to develop a complete online marketing strategy for every aspect of the customer’s buying journey. Our 90-Day Growth Accelerator Program will set you apart from your competition, increase your sales and provide you a marketing strategy plan that guarantees growth. Here are the highlights of the program:


We need strategies so we can attract strangers to your brand and make sure you stand out on the internet. That means having a strong website, paid advertising and SEO to make potential customers aware of your existence.


Now that we got their attention, are they engaging with your business? Are they staying on your website, opening your emails, reading your social posts? Our marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale crafts a plan to make sure potential clients are interacting with your brand.


If leads are visiting your website, are they willing to opt into your newsletter or e-mail marketing campaign? We want them to stay interested in your services or products once they have been made aware by actively choosing to receive info from you on a frequent basis.


If you have people sitting in your database, but not becoming customers, the convert stage needs improvement. We will create strategy so a potential client can give a micro commitment of either time or money. We can help you monetize your database and create a strategy so that your subscribers are now paying customers. Basically, how effectively are you converting leads to sales?


They’ve spent time or money, but we need to make sure they love your product or service and that we don’t lose them after just 1 sale.


Now that you have a paying customer, how does your value to them increase over time with upselling or new products?


At this stage, we want your customers to start giving you reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. to show the world how much they love your product or service. This strategy is critical in attaining new business.


Do your clients refer you new business? We want them to be your biggest fan and not just give you online reviews, but actual referrals so you can get new paying customers.

If this sounds like something your business needs, set up a FREE 90-Minute Consultation, where our marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale will review our 8-Steps Done Right Marketing Program and show you what your business could be if you join our 90-Day Growth Accelerator Program.


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