Generate More Leads with Facebook Advertising

By: Allen Levin

Date Posted: August 5, 2020 11:31 am

Facebook is everywhere these days, and almost everyone who is anyone uses the massive social media platform. Without a Facebook presence, it can be hard for businesses to stay truly visible to their target audiences. Facebook advertising is a great way to build a database of people who are interested in what you offer because the reach and targeting options are exceptional. Let’s take a look at the ways Facebook marketing can help connect you with people who want to know more about your business.

Makes it easy for people to connect to your business.

Once you grab a customer’s attention, it’s critical that you’re able to keep it. A more simplified process for both sides is one of the great perks of Facebook marketing. Once people click or tap a lead ad, they’ll see a form that’s pre-populated with their Facebook contact information, ready to submit and sign up. No more extra typing and they’ll never even have to leave Facebook. Or perhaps you’ll target your boosted posts at customers who will click through to your website, or just create content that makes them more inclined to engage by leaving comments or sharing.


Learn more about your most interested customers.

Knowing more about your engaged audience can help shape your marketing strategy. Find out what matters to them about the problem you can help solve, what questions they have, and the language they use to talk about it. Pay attention to your customers’ conversations, ideas, and gripes on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This information will help you create more effective ads.

Reach people who are most likely to take action.

The lead generation objective helps your boosted posts find the people who are most likely to take actions that are unique to your business goals, like signing up for more information, downloading your app, or requesting a quote.

Automate your ads to align with people’s interests.

Dynamic ads will automatically show people the most relevant products or offerings from your business, based on their interests. Add a lead generation form that encourages people to take action, such as sign up for a test drive of their favorite car, book a local appointment, or request a sample. Facebook will make it simple for your customer by automatically filling out their contact information in the forms for submission.

At Smarty Pantz Marketing, we’re experts in Facebook advertising. We have helped our clients generate leads, exposure, video views, engagement, followers, and most importantly, ROI. Our experienced team of digital advertising specialists understands Facebook’s unique features, and how to best use them to maximize results for your specific needs. We deliver tangible results, not just likes, shares, clicks, and followers. Contact us to see how Smarty Pantz Marketing can help you generate more leads with Facebook advertising!

Allen Levin

Meet Allen Levin, a seasoned Digital Marketing Maestro and Entrepreneur boasting a decade of prowess in lead generation, SEO mastery, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, and Social Media. With a proven track record of crafting triumphant campaigns, Allen has been the architect behind the success stories of numerous small business owners, empowering them to flourish, expand their clientele, and imprint their brand in their target market.

Having honed his skills in the trenches of major brands like the Miami Dolphins and Breakthru Beverage, Allen ventured into the entrepreneurial realm to establish Smarty Pantz Marketing. Here, his mission is clear: to propel businesses to unprecedented heights through SMART marketing strategies that not only resonate profoundly but also innovate, deliver tangible results, encompass holistic approaches, and meticulously track progress.

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