These new features have more detail to flag reviews compared to the old method

All companies using Google My Business and concerned with inappropriate reviews have a new feature to combat bad reviews.

So what is new?

After you login to your Google My Business account – go to REVIEWS (see below)

Choose the review you would like to FLAG




  • Off topic: Review doesn’t pertain to an experience at or with this business
  • Spam: Review is from a bot, a fake account, or contains ads and promotions
  • Conflict of interest: Review is from someone affiliated with the business or a competitor’s business
  • Profanity: Review contains swear words, has sexually explicit language, or details graphic violence or other illegal activity
  • Bullying or harassment: Review personally attacks a specific individual
  • Discrimination or hate speech: Review has harmful language about an individual or group based on identity
  • Personal information: Contains personal information such as address or phone number

A new confirmation. Google also shows the business owner a new confirmation screen after they submit the review flag. Here is what it looks like:

WHY THIS IS EXCITING.  These new features give the business owner the ability to fight these inappropriate revews PLUS it will help Google expedite the removal of these reviews. 

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