Law Firm Facebook Ads Case Study

Ad Spend

$5,000 / Mo

Calls and Forms

607 Leads

In Cost Per Lead

96% Drop

Law Firm

Smarty Pantz Marketing Case Study

Budget:$5,000 / moPublisher:Facebook Ads
Data:13 monthsObjective:Lead Generation

This client originally focused on form submissions for several months, but that only netted 13 conversions despite $41,000 in spend. We suggested trying phone calls instead, along with landing page changes, and that turned things around. another six months, we were generating 37 leads for $5,000 in spend.

Our Approach

The client’s website was geared toward form submissions, primarily due to the ease of automating the follow up when the submission data was nicely organized. It was also easier than worrying about someone needing to answer expensive calls and

provide on-the-spot recommendations for the lead. However, several months of

running ads with this focus convinced us that we needed to change up the strategy in their ads and on their website.

One of the biggest factors was working with them to revamp the paid traffic page on their website. Their original landing page version did not list the phone number and just focused on a single form. We convinced them of the need to include their phone number in the site header, creating a eye-catching button with a click to call hyperlink. We also suggested repeating the phone number above the fold and in

the footer. They also needed to set up call tracking and recording so the conversion data could synchronize automatically with their Facebook campaigns.             

The other big change was the creative. At first they were using a short video of model cars crashing into each other, but we trying changing those out in favor of bold image ads with two colors and a text overlay. It was a pretty unconventional

approach, but we found better results with the simple images. We continued to test some variations of those ads on different audiences to improve their social proof.

Reasons for Change

As mentioned above, this client was using a form submission strategy that did not pan out well over the first several months. This was also complicated by the COVID-19 lockdowns that resulted in far less road traffic and personal injuries (a

good thing in general, but difficult for a law firm’s business). As things opened back up, we suggested that they change their strategy in order to connect more quickly with new leads. The benefit of direct phone calls also made the exchange personal.

One Year Later

The second half of the first year with this client is when we were able to improve their performance by a large margin. We started testing the drastically different

image ads in the seventh month, and in the ninth month we started focusing on the phone calls with our campaign optimizations. Once we started changing the

optimizations for the campaigns, then they caught on with the landing page and we were able to work together on getting all the changes implemented. It took a couple months for the automated optimizations in Facebook to kick in, but by the end of the year we had turned over an entirely new leaf in performance and growth.

Overall, their cost per lead (CPL) dropped from $3,154 to something near $137.

Facebook Ads Deliverables

  • Competitor research
  • Detailed conversion tracking
  • Detailed ad extensions
  • Custom audience creation
  • Ad placement optimization
  • Campaign budget updates
  • Geo-targeting & day-parting
  • Audience targeting updates
  • Lookalike audience setup
  • Live performance dashboard
  • Retargeting audiences
  • Ad copy and creative tests
  • Bidding optimizations
  • Call tracking monitoring

Campaign Management

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions. We are ready to help

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