LinkedIn Marketing for Business Coaches

Business Coaches have a very unique business model with a specific client base.

Most of the digital marketing that a typical local business, such as a painter or lawyer, can utilize will quite simply not be effective for a coaching business.

If you are a business coach who has been frustrated with your marketing efforts or have seen little to no ROI from your marketing, it’s likely because of two reasons.

  1. You are doing the wrong type of marketing
  2. You are not on the platforms where your prospects are hanging out

Marketing tactics like Google PPC, Facebook Advertising and SEO generally aren’t as effective for coaches as they are for local businesses.

We have found that LinkedIn is the top platform and best marketing strategy for a business coach. Not only are your ideal prospects on LinkedIn but the way you can reach and market to them is perfect for a coach.

A business coach needs to nurture a prospect and really make them understand why they bring the value that you bring. LinkedIn is the perfect way to do that.

So we created a LinkedIn Marketing program just for coaches.

So how can business coaches use LinkedIn marketing to grow their business and reach their target audience?

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume and the first point of contact for potential clients. It’s crucial to optimize your profile by including a professional profile photo, a catchy headline, and a concise summary that highlights your skills and experience. You should also add relevant keywords that align with your target audience’s interests to make it easier for them to find you.

We do a complete profile makeover to make it much more attractive to potential clients. We add the right keywords, create an enticing headline, promote your results and craft a eye catching cover photo.

2. Build a Network of Connections

Building a network of connections is a fundamental aspect of LinkedIn marketing. You can connect with other business coaches, professionals, and potential clients by sending connection requests and engaging with their content. When connecting with someone, be sure to personalize your message and let them know why you want to connect with them. You can also join LinkedIn groups related to your industry to expand your network and engage in conversations.

We make sure we are connecting with your ideal prospects based on industry, years in business, revenue and other KPIs. We do this in 2 ways:

  • Machine gun approach: A volume based way to reach as many of the right prospects as possible, invite them to events and get them in your ecosystem
  • Dream 100: Utilizing Sales Navigator to find and tactfully connect with your dream 100 clients that you want to work with.

3. Share Valuable Content Sharing

Valuable content is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader and attract potential clients. You can share articles, blog posts, videos, or other relevant content that provides value to your target audience. When creating content, make sure it’s relevant to your audience’s needs and interests, and use a conversational tone that’s easy to understand.

LinkedIn is amazing for getting on the radar of prospects without even being connected to them yet. The right posts on LinkedIn can go viral and reach many of your 2nd degree connections. We have found posting consistently good content on LinkedIn can establish you as an authority in your niche. That will make the nurturing process a lot easier.

4. Nurturing Your Prospects

This is the most important part of the equation. We create a sequence of messages to catch your prospects attention, provide them value and get them to raise their hands. Ultimately, we nurture them to the point that they are ready to enter a diagnostic with you.

In conclusion, LinkedIn marketing is a powerful tool for business coaches to connect with potential clients, establish themselves as thought leaders, and generate leads. By optimizing your profile, building a network of connections, sharing valuable content, engaging with your network, and using LinkedIn Ads, you can grow your business and reach your target audience on the platform.

Ready to grow your coaching business with LinkedIn?

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