My Top 5 Favorite FREE SEO Tools

Everyone loves FREE things. That doesn’t change for website and search engine optimization tools you can utilize to measure your website and SEO efforts.

Whether you are a business owner just learning about SEO or you have an internal marketing department that needs to learn this stuff, check out my top 5 favorite free SEO tools!

  1. SEOquake: SEOquake is a free plugin and extension for Google Chrome that can analyze some basic SEO items for your website. Once you add the extension, you simply go to the website you want to analyze, click the SEOquake button and boom: It gives you a diagnosis. Among the details it provides:
  • If your website has meta descriptions
  • If you have Google Analytics installed
  • What errors you may have on your site
  • How many pages are indexed on Google
  • If you have a XML sitemap
  • Much more

2. Screaming Frog: I love Screaming Frog. It’s a program you have to download to your computer, but it gives you great information almost instantaneously. It will provide you with all of your website’s internal pages information, such as H1 tags, title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, 404 errors, and much more.

The best part is you can quickly download all this info into a CSV document so you can see what revisions you need to make quickly and efficiently.

3. Google Keyword Planner Tool: Quite simply, Google’s keyword planner tool allows you to analyze the most popular/valuable keywords for any subject or topic. You can use the information to use in Google PPC campaigns or for your own SEO purposes.

4. Uber Suggest: This is industry guru Neil Patel’s tool that gives you a wealth of information about your website as well as any website you want to analyze (Hint: your competitors). You can see what keywords your website ranks for, what backlinks your website has, content ideas, and much more!

5. GTmetrix: Doyou want to learn anything technical about your website, such as the site speed, page load time, what items can be fixed to increase its performance? Then, GTmetrix is your go to tool! Just insert the URL of your website, and this tool will give you a full analysis within seconds. It will also provide great tips on how to fix certain performance issues on your site.

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