Why Your Website is Critical in Social Media Advertising Success

The #1 complaint I hear as a Digital Marketing Agency is my Facebook or Google advertising campaigns didn’t work.

I always ask follow up questions to that, such as:

  • What was your budget?
  • Who did you target?
  • Did you try “split-testing?”
  • What does your website look like/say?

That last point is arguably the most important one. I don’t care if you have the best advertising copy and creative the world has ever seen, if you’re website is slow, outdated, has very little information, or zero call to action, then your ad campaign is likely going to tank.

One of the biggest factors in a successful Facebook advertising campaign is website-ad congruency. That means the look, the verbiage and the call to action all need to be very similar on your website. If you are offering a free consultation, then make sure your website reflects that. If your website branding is black and white, your ad images should look similar.

Here is a great example from business and life coach, Tony Robbins:

Notice how the copy, the font, the branding, and the call to action from the Facebook ad are all very similar to the landing page where people are directed to once they click “Learn More.”

If you follow that simple rule of having a congruent ad and website, then your Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate will improve. Ultimately, this will lead to a better ROI and eliminate you saying “Facebook ads don’t work!”

All you need to do is make subtle changes to your website if it is missing any of those elements. Conversely, you can also make sure your advertising images, copy and call to action are congruent with what is already on your website.

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